bunky moon

schtuff we like
    - incl. 'king kong' (frank zappa)

2011 cd usa lo note 109


  ron brendle: bass
  troy conn: guitars
  chris garges: drums and percussion
  jane hart brendle: violin  4

produced by bunky moon

  1. maybe i'm a leo  (blackmore, gillan, glover, lord, paice)
  2. king kong  (zappa)
  3. space oddity  (bowie)
  4. larks' tongues in aspic, part two  (fripp, corss, muir, bruford, wetton)
  5. boris the spider (entwhistle)
  6. country  (conn)
  7. sleep talk  (brendle)
  8. hypermobility  (brendle)
  9. fat old sun  (gilmour)
  10. maybe i'm amazed  (mccartney)