brass jaw

incl. 'peaches en regalia' (frank zappa)

2010 cd scotland keywork records kwrcd011


ryan quigley: trumpet
paul towndrow: alto saxophone
konrad wiszniewski: tenor saxophone
allon beauvoisin: baritone saxophone

produced by brass jaw

  1. siddhartha  (k.wiszniewski)

  2. duck's chickens  (r.quigley)

  3. broken  (p.towndrow)

  4. drive my car  (lennon, mccartney)

  5. left unsaid  (a.beauvoisin)

  6. rochester rumble  (a.beauvoisin)

  7. march to happiness  (p.towndrow)

  8. branded  (r.quigley)

  9. frontiere incarcerated  (p.towndrow)

  10. arthur digby sellers blues  (p.towndrow)

  11. flat pack frog  (a.beauvoisin)

  12. the well dented clavicle  (p.towndrow)

  13. i like you  (r.quigley)

  14. the nightmare room  (p.towndrow)

  15. string theory  (p.towndrow)

  16. peaches en regalia  (f.zappa, arr.p.towndrow)

  17. little girl blue  (rodgers & hart, arr. r.quigley)