the bohuslän big band

The Bohuslän Big Band is from Sweden. In 1999, the recorded a Frank Zappa tribute album. There's also a recording circulating of Mia Kempf performing Zappa's 'Find Her Finer' with the Bohuslän Big Band.


  bohuslän big band: bohuslän big band plays frank zappa
    (2000, cd, swe, imogena)


concerts & radio-broadcasts

a compilation from these two concerts was broadcasted on swedish radio.  the above mentioned album was also compiled from these concerts.


random notes

      from: magnus delle
today i bought the new cd from bohuslän big band, bbb plays zappa (imogena igcd 089). live recording from jazz club nefertiti, gothenburg, nov 19-20, 1999. this event also exists on tape or md. it´s great. i saw their first ever zappa concert in march same year, and they are really good. includes
some of sweden´s elite jazz musicians.


additional info:
- Uwe Krueger

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