blue brothers

... rausgeh'n und besorgen!
    – incl. ‘love of my life’ (frank zappa)

1992 cd ger private release

recorded in concert in 1991

'bad alex' manhold: lead vocals
thomas 'greenpiece' höfer: lead vocals
werner 'suck it to me' sack: guitar
harald 'hoary' keir: guitar
wolfgang 'flip' staab: bass
jürgen wüst: keyboard, organ, background vocals
mike nickolay: drums
udo 'sunny' eizenhöfer: trumpet
paul weiss: trumpet
stefan 'theo' schlett: tuba
stefan 'hank' schilling: sax
claus 'earnie' berninger: background vocals
jürgen votava: background vocals


  1. everybody needs somebody
  2. the boys are back in town
  3. oh darling
  4. love of my life  (frank zappa) / paul & paula
  5. turn it up a little louder
  6. sweet soul music
  7. sweet home chicago
  8. rawhide
  9. fever
  10. somekind of wonderful
  11. riot in cell block #9
  12. gimme some lovin'
  13. minnie the moocher