bill byers

Bill Byers provided trombone for Waka/Jawaka, The Grand Wazoo, and Quaudiophiliac.

Mr Billy Byers (as credited on jazz and popular music recordings) was a highly respected arranger for Count Basie and other bands. He made a very good living as a ghost arranger in the studios when jazz was not popular and surely did much of the Zappa jazz-fusion arrangements for Waka Jawaka and Grand Wazoo. He may have had a part in the arranging of Peaches En Regalia.



random notes

discography - with frank zappa and / or the mothers


frank zappa: waka/jawaka
   (1972, lp, usa, bizarre)


the mothers: the grand wazoo
   (1972, lp, usa, bizarre)


frank zappa: quaudiophiliac
    (2004, dvda, usa, dts entertainment 69286-01125-9-9)



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