the berkeley symphony orchestra

the berkeley symphony orchestra, conducted by kent nagano, played "a zappa affair", accompanied by choreography (giant puppets).

bob in dacron / sad jane (frank zappa)
mo 'n herb's vacation (frank zappa)
sinister footwear (frank zappa)
pedro's dowry (frank zappa)

    concert 'zellerbach auditorium', berkeley, la, usa
    concert 'zellerbach auditorium', berkeley, la, usa
    this concert was broadcasted live on kpfa-fm radio

    cancelled concert 'center for performing arts',
        san jose, usa
    cancelled concert 'serious music sockshop', la, usa


the complete program

'bob in dacron / sad jane' (frank zappa)
u.s. premiere 1984/06/15

scene I
bob's clothes

scene II
what bob's body is really like

bob gets drunk

scene IV
bob meets jane

scene V
jane's clothes

scene VI
what jane's body is really like

choreography by tandy beal

- intermission - 15 minutes -

'mo 'n herb's vacation' (frank zappa)
u.s. premiere 1984/06/15

1st movement
an athletic dance

2nd movement
an assortment of perverse subconscious desires

3rd movement

choreography by joan lazarus

- intermission - 15 minutes -

'sinister footwear' (frank zappa)
u.s. premiere 1984/06/15

part 1
jake who designs it

part 2
somewhere in new jersey where they make them

part 3
illegal aliens on a lunch break

part 4
at the catering truck

part 5
jake eats a molded jello salad

part 6
jake's sectretary

part 7
illegal aliens work slower in the afternoon

part 8
jake's secretary reads her magazine

part 9
illegal aliens want to go home

part 10
jake's secretary ears cottage cheese

part 11
ugly shoes on the assembly line

part 12
what you think you look like when you're wearing them

part 13
sometimes they make you walk funny

part 14
other people pretend not to notice

part 15
sometimes you have to take them off for a minute

part 16
then you put them back on because you think they look so good on you

part 17
children can also have ugly shoes

part 18
the foot doctor says you might need an operation

part 19
but you're going to wear them anyway

part 20
everybody has a pair somewhere

part 21
a place you can go when you've got them on

choreography by tandy beal

- a few minutes pause -

'pedro's dowry' (frank zappa)
u.s. premiere 1984/06/15

choreography by joan lazarus and john c. gilkerson


The program booklet

The 1984 May / June issue of In Performance


a part of this concert was bootlegged on frank zappa: serious music.

the others of invention



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