bengt berger

beches brew big
- feat. mats öberg

2013 cd swe country & eastern ce27

recorded september 19 and 21, 2012 in stockholm and gothenburg.

livet nord: voice, violin
jonas knutsson: soprano, alto and baritone saxophones, percussion
mats öberg: keyboards, harmonica
goran klinghagen: banjo, guitar
thomas gustafsson: soprano & tenor saxophones
sir thomas jäderlund: voice, sporanino, alto saxophones, bass clarinet
max schultz: voice, guitar, banjo
bengt berger: drums
stefan bellnäs: bass

produced by bengt berger

all music composed by bengt berger, except where noted

  1. babel twist
  2. till mera  (berger, klinghagen, bellnäs)
  3. over the hill
  4. penye gahu
  5. seven stops to heaven  (berger, klinghagen, bellnäs, gustafsson, jäderlund, klinghagen, nord, schutlz, öberg)
  6. metapolka
  7. djupet  (text by w.shakespeare, translation by bengt anderberg)
  8. pain
  9. pizza excess
  10. edith
  11. morfars schottis  (text by mats nörklit)