behind the mirror

behind the mirror
    - lots of zappa material

1995 cd ger placebo records pr cd 02

steffen moddrow: drums, vibes, vocals, percussion
hans schüttler: piano
georg stock: guitar, vocals

    1.   a. oh no (frank zappa)
          b. uncle meat (frank zappa)
          c. the king of fune (btm)
    2.   dance of the cockroaches (btm)
    3.   how could i be such a fool (frank zappa)
    4.   somebody is watching her (btm)
    5.   dog breath (frank zappa)
    6    the troops of cleetus awreetus-awrightus (btm)
    7.   the air (frank zappa)
    8.   tibetan benches (btm)
    9.   electric aunt jemina (frank zappa)
    10. a. let's make the water turn black (frank zappa)
          b. rubato angels (btm)
          c. take your clothes off when you dance (frank zappa)