the beasts

still here
    - incl. 'the torture never stops' (frank zappa)

2019 cd  spain bang! cd128


kim salmon: guitar, banjo, vocals
tony pola: drums
boris sujdovic: bass
charlie owen: guitar, banjo, organ
tex perkins, vocals, guitar


  1. on my back  (perkins)
  2. pearls before swine  (salmon)
  3. my shit's fucked up  (warren zevon)
  4. just let go  (perkins)
  5. at the hospital  (jones)
  6. drunk on a train  (baker / reynolds)
  7. the torture never stops  (frank zappa)
  8. it's all lies  (salmon, perkins)
  9. what the hell was i thinking  (hooper)
  10. don't pull me over  (sujdovic)
  11. your honour  (salmon, owen, perkins)