(2007, 2cd, sweden, progress prcd 028)


the sane day

2006 2cd sweden private release beard 001/002

    (2007, 2cd, sweden, progress prcd 028)

recorded in 2005

  rikard sjöblom: vocals, guitar, organ, keyboards, synthesizers
  david zackrisson: guitar, synthesizer, vocals
  robert hansen: bass, guitar, vocals
  magnus östgren: drums
  rasmus diamant: flute
  christa jäderlund: vocals
  lisa marklund: vocals

produced by beardfish

all songs by rikard sjöblom

disc one

  1. a love story

  2. sun is the devil

  3. mudhill

  4. the gooberville ballroom dancer

  5. igloo on two

  6. tall tales

  7. the basic blues

  8. the summit

disc two

  1. the sane day

  2. blue moon

  3. do you remember fun mom

  4. return to mudhill

  5. waiting room

  6. miss gooberville

  7. mystique of the beauty queen

  8. love revisited

  9. ask someone who knows

  10. now

  11. the reason of construction and or building a pyramid