destined solitaire

2009 cd ger insideout spv 710012 cd

    (2009, cd, russia, insideout spv 710012 cd)

recorded december 2008

rikard sjöblom: vocals, keyboards, guitar, accordion, percussion
david zackrisson: guitar, background vocals, percussion
robert hansen: bass, background vocals
magnus östgren: drums, percussion

all music & lyrics by rikard sjöblom and realised by beardfish

  1. awaken the sleeping

  2. destined solitaire

  3. until you comply (including entropy)

  4. in real life there is no algebra

  5. where the rain comes in

  6. at home... watchin movies

  7. coup de grace

  8. abigail's questions (in an infinite universe)

  9. the stuff that dreams are made of