the barely works

the big beat
    - incl. 'tropical hot-dog night' (van vliet)

1990 cd uk cooking vinyl cookcd 024

chris thompson: banjo and vocals
sarah allen: accordion, flutes, and whistle
keith moore: tuba
mat fox: hammer dulcimer, percussion, and vocals
richard avison: trombone and vocal
alison jones: fiddle and vocals
tim walmsley: drums

  1. the white cockade/bonaparte's retreat/flop-eared mule (traditional)

  2. byker hill (traditional)

  3. big old road (c. thompson)

  4. let's go and have a good time (c. thompson/a. jones)

  5. liberty/blackberry blossom/the cuckoo's nest (traditional)

  6. it's not that bad anymore (c. thompson)

  7. the inventor (r. avison)            

  8. as a thoiseach (keep it up) (traditional)

  9. tropical hot-dog night (d. van vliet)

  10. growling old man and old woman (traditional)