bambi pang pang featuring andrew cyrille

drop your plans

2015 cd belgium el negocito records enr040


andrew cyrille: drums
seppe gebruers: piano
laurens smet: bass
viktor perdieus: saxophones

produced by el negocito records and troika vzw 

  1. isme (perdieus)
  2. fuks  (gebruers)
  3. frases  (gebruers)
  4. sum  (gebruers)
  5. threescore and fourteen  (cyrille, gebruers, smet, perdieus)
  6. dr.licks  (cyrille)
  7. bottle of drums  (cyrille)
  8. border / grens  (gebruers)
  9. ready set  (cyrille, gebruers, smet, perdieus)
  10. drop your plans  (smet)
  11. isme  (perdieus)