phyllis altenhaus

Phyllis Smith Altenhaus worked as an assistant to Tom Wilson in the late 1960's.

Appeared in, and assisted with the editing of, the Uncle Meat movie in which she plays "herself" and Sheba Flieschman; parts of her contribution to the film can be heard on the CD reissue of "Uncle Meat".

She also appears in "Video From Hell" (1987) and "True Story of 200 Motels" (1989).

She once again played herself in the film "Summer Run" (1974)

She continued working as a film editor on "Woodstock" (1970) and "New York, New York" (1977) and "The Warriors"(1979).

Name-checked - as "Fyllis" - on the cover of "Freak Out!".


random notes

A.K.A. Phyllis Smith

     From: Patrick Neve (
She was Tom Wilson's secretary and the monster victim (and film editor) in Uncle Meat.  Right after Tom Wilson's name in the Freak Out list of "material contributors" is: FYLLIS.  Biffy The Elephant Shrew thinks this is Phyllis Altenhaus.  She is supposedly Mike Keneally's favorite actress.

Where the heck is she now?








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