golia, josephson, kaiser, keneally, morris, smith & walter

healing force - the songs of albert ayler
    - feat.henry kaiser, mike keneally

2007 cd usa cuneiform records rune 255

an albert ayler tribute

recorded may 3, 2006 at fantasy studios in berkeley, ca, usa

vinny golia: reeds
aurora josephson: voice
henry kaiser: guitar
mike keneally: piano, guitar, vocal
joe morris: guitar, bass
damon smith: bass
weasel walter: drums

produced by henry kaiser

all compositions by alber ayler

  1. new new grass / message from albert
  2. music is the healing force of the universe
  3. japan / universal indians
  4. a man is like a tree
  5. oh! love of life
  6. thank god for women
  7. heart love
  8. new generation
  9. new ghosts / new message