the aristocrats

culture clash

2013 cd+dvd usa boing! music

recorded january 15 - 21n 2013 in nashville, tn, usa

bryan beller: bass
guthrie govan: guitar
marco minnemann: drums

produced by the aristocrats


  1. dance of the aristocrats  (marco minnemann)

  2. culture clash  (guthrie govan)

  3. louisville stomp  (bryan beller)

  4. ohhhh noooo  (marco minnemann)

  5. gaping head wound  (guthrie govan)

  6. desert tornado  (marco minnemann)

  7. cocktail umbrellas  (bryan beller)

  8. living the dream  (bryan beller)

  9. and finally  (guthrie govan)

dvd : accept the mystery