smells like aranis

2017 cd bel homerecords

recorded april 2012

liesbeth lambrecht: violin, viola
pierre chevalier: piano
marjolein cools: accordion
jana arns: flute, alto flute
joris vanvinckenroye: double bass

mixed, masterd and produced by johann spitz, homerecords and joris vanvinckenroye
all compositions by nirvana, except where noted

  1. polly

  2. something in the way

  3. lithium

  4. smells like teen spirit

  5. sla 1  (joris vanvinckenroye)

  6. the man who sold the world  (david bowie)

  7. sla 3  (joris vanvinckenroye)

  8. been a son

  9. about a girl

  10. rape me

  11. heart shaped box

  12. sla 4  (joris vanvinckenroye)

  13. lounge act

  14. sla 5  (joris vanvinckenroye)