the amsterdam percussion group

In 2006, The Amsterdam Percussion Group, featuring Terry Bozzio, performed a number of concerts in The Netherlands (the one in Belgium got canceled). Bozzio performed Frank Zappa's 'The Black Page' during these concerts.


The Amsterdam Percussion Group, featuring Terry Bozzio
  • Mike Schäperclaus: Percussion
  • Josep Vicent: Percussion
  • Mark Haanstra: Bass
  • Terry Bozzio: Drums

Terry Bozzio, in concert with the Amsterdam Percussion Group




The Amsterdam Percussion Group and Terry Bozzio present "Ionisation".
  • 2006/06/02 concert 'philharmonie', haarlem, nl
  • 2006/06/03 concert 'tivoli', utrecht, nl
  • 2006/06/06 concert 'boerderij', zoetermeer, nl
  • 2006/06/08 concert '013', tilburg, nl
  • 2006/11/15 concert 'de meerse', hoofddorp, nl
  • 2006/11/17 concert 'schouwburg', gouda, nl
  • 2006/11/18 concert 'zuiderpershuis', antwerp, belgium - cancelled
  • 2006/11/19 concert 'de vest', alkmaar, nl
  • 2006/11/24 concert 'de lievekamp', oss, nl
  • 2006/11/25 concert 'de metropole', almere, nl
  • 2006/12/01 concert 'de spiegel', zwolle, nl
  • 2006/12/02 concert 'muziekgebouw aan 't ij', amsterdam, nl
  • 2006/12/04 concert 'theater aan de parade', den bosch, nl
  • 2006/12/07 concert 'lucent danstheater', den haag, nl
  • 2006/12/08 concert 'muziekcentrum', enschede, nl


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