alex's hand


2014 download -- bandcamp

originally released in the digital format on march 1, 2014

remastered for cd in 2017
    (2017, cd, russia, raig r098)

kellen mills: bass, acoustic bass, guitar, synth, vocals, dialogue
nic barnes: drums, percussion, vocals, dialogue
gabe tachell: electric guitar, vocals
max steiner: electric guitar
richard williams: keys
jason shao: melodica solo, synth
dennis rea: electric guitar
stephen barnes: keys, organ, synth
jim dejoie: horns
kit vander jagt: electric guitar, dialogue
ben reece: electric guitar
alicia dejoie: violin
krista sa: dialogue

music written and performed and produced by alex's hand
lyrics and dialogues by kellen mills

  1. intro
  2. pirate jazz
  3. wowowowoww
  4. cop
  5. rexp
  6. navigate
  7. dewey, he returns
  8. dadz
  9. yeaaah!
  10. sandy (the stripper)
  11. normal life diatribe
  12. tears of tub