alex's hand

künstler scheisse

2016 cd russia raig r094


alex's hand
  nic barnes: drums, percussion
  kellen mills: bass, vox, synth, found sounds, electronical touchups
  ben reece: electric guitar, vox
  max steiner: electric guitar
  rieko okuda: keys synth
additional personnel
  carl andrew o'sullivan: vox
  johannes schleiermacher: flute, baritone and tenor saxophone
  charlotte birkenhauer: vibraphone
  peter kuhnsch: hand percussion, whistles, bells
  rob mattessi: trumpet
  otto horvath: trombone
  stephen barnes: piano

produced an mixed by alex's hand

  1. mars travolta
  2. samba
  3. oh bill
  4. trained
  5. slave
  6. back to evan
  7. evans lips
  8. habibs