disturbing the peace tour - live in japan 1984.10.10
    - feat. steve vai

2010 cd japan audio tracks / verita note


graham bonnet: vocals, backing vocals
steve vai: guitar, backing vocals
jimmy waldo: keyboards, backing vocals
gary shea: bass
jan uvena: drums, percussion, backing vocals


  1. breaking the heart of the city

  2. jet to jet

  3. skyfire

  4. sons and lovers

  5. hiroshima mon amour

  6. god blessed video

  7. will you behome tonight

  8. kree nakoorie

  9. since you've been gone

  10. painted lover

  11. suffer me

  12. stripper

  13. too young to die, too drunk to live

  14. kojo no tuki  (the moon over the lake)

  15. night games

  16. all night long